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B-TOP RJ45 with magnetics jack connector for 10/100/Gigabit in tab up single port configuration meet IEC60603-7 performance requirements. Tab up RJ45 Modular Jacks with integrated magnetics have shields with EMI fingers on top and on both sides for effective grounding. There are 3 different mechanical part of tab up: long body(1.3 inch), standard body(1 inch) and small body(0.85 inch). Integrated LEDs are available in a variety of colors.

1) RJ45 with magnetics for 10/100 ethernet are available in three configurations: with resistors on unused pairs but without internal capacitor, with resistors on unused pairs and internal capacitor or with Full Bob Smith termination.

2) RJ45 with magnetics for gigabit ethernet have an integrated full Bob Smith termination, and are available in two standard configurations: with the 2KV capacitor terminated on P10, or with the 2KV capacitor terminated to the shield.

Main use: Network Interface Cards (NIC), LAN-on-Motherboard (LOM), Set Top Box, DVD player/recorder, Switch, Hub, ADSL modems, Optical modems, Game consoles, and PC applications.

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