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RJ45 Connector with 10/100base-t 2*2 Ports

2022-05-25 11:47:12
RJ45 Connector with 10/100base-t 2*2 Ports RJ45 Connector with 10/100base-t 2*2 Ports RJ45 Connector with 10/100base-t 2*2 Ports

Product Details:

Place of OriginGuangdong, China (Mainland)Part NumberB59(94-01)F4-156-2222-C12

Detailed Product Description:

RJ45 Connector with 10/100 base-t transformer 2*2 ports.

Meet or exceeds IEEE802.3 standard.

Comply with RoHS.

The gigabit version:

Main use

  • Network Equipment: Modem, Hub, Switch, Router, Gateway, Firewall, Repeater, Bridge...

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Part Number Speed Schematic PoE LEDs EMI
B59(311-30)F4-156-2223-C12 100M F4-156   G/Y Yes 6u"
B59(311-32)FP4-162-2123-C12 100M FP4-162 PoE Y/G Yes 6u"
B59(311-38)FP4-182-2223-C12 100M FP4-182 PoE G/Y Yes 6u"
B59(311-81)F4-42A-2222-C12 100M F4-42A   G/Y Yes 6u"
B59(311-85)F4-156-2623-C12 100M F4-156   GY/GY Yes 6u"
B59(311-88)F4-177-2612-C12 100M F4-177   GY/YG No 6u"
B59(315-01)F4-48-2223-C12 100M F4-48   G/Y Yes 6u"
B59(315-05)F4-48-2322-C12 100M F4-48   G/G Yes 6u"
B59(315-06)F4-177-2612-C12 100M F4-177   GY/YG No 6u"
B59(315-07)F4-156-2223-C12 100M F4-156   G/Y Yes 6u"
B59(315-08)F4-156-2722-C12 100M F4-156   G/Y Yes 6u"
B59(315-09)F4-48-2122-C12 100M F4-48   Y/G Yes 6u"
B59(315-10)F4-48-2323-C12 100M F4-48   G/G Yes 6u"
B59(315-11)F4-156-2213-C12 100M F4-156   G/Y No 6u"
B59(315-12)F4-03A-2213-C12 100M F4-03A   G/Y No 6u"
B59(315-13)F4-156-2123-C12 100M F4-156   Y/G Yes 6u"
B59(315-15)F4-156-2113-C12 100M F4-156   Y/G No 6u"
B59(315-51)PF4-162-2023-C12 100M PF4-162 PoE None Yes 6u"
B59(315-55)F4-03A-2022-C12 100M F4-03A   None Yes 6u"
B60(115-02)F4-02-2722-C12 100M F4-02   G/Y Yes 6u"
B60(92-01)F4-03A-2022-C12 100M F4-03A   None Yes 6u"
B59(316-01)F4-48-2123-C12 100M F4-48   G/Y Yes 6u"
B59(316-05)F4-48-2626-C12 100M F4-48   GY/GY Yes 6u"
B59(316-07)F4-03A-2223-C12 100M F4-03A   G/Y Yes 6u"
B59(311-02)G8-28-2023-C12 Gigabit G8-28   None Yes 6u"
B59(311-03)G8-56A-2023-C12 Gigabit G8-56A   None Yes 6u"
B59(311-09)G8-28-2623-C12 Gigabit G8-28   GY/GY Yes 6u"
B59(311-12)G8-10-2622-C12 Gigabit G8-10   GO/GO Yes 6u"
B59(311-22)G8-28-2223-C12 Gigabit G8-28   G/Y Yes 6u"
B59(311-25)G8-28-2124-C12 Gigabit G8-28   Y/G Yes 15u"
B59(311-26)G8-28-2623-C12 Gigabit G8-28   GO/GO Yes 6u"
B59(311-28)G8-28-2223-C12 Gigabit G8-28   G/Y Yes 6u"
B59(311-31)G8-28-2123-C12 Gigabit G8-28   Y/G Yes 6u"
B59(311-36)G8-28-2223-C12 Gigabit G8-28   G/Y Yes 6u"
B59(311-37)G8-56A-2223-C12 Gigabit G8-56A   G/Y Yes 6u"
B59(311-45)G8-10A-2623-C12 Gigabit G8-10A   GY/GY Yes 6u"
B59(311-46)G8-10-2622-C12 Gigabit G8-10   G/YG Yes 6u"
B59(311-47)G8-10-2223-C12 Gigabit G8-10   G/Y Yes 6u"
B59(311-48)G8-28-2213-C12 Gigabit G8-28   G/Y No 6u"
B59(311-49)G8-10A-2623-C12 Gigabit G8-10A   GY/GY Yes 6u"
B59(311-50)G8-10D-2623-C12 Gigabit G8-10D   YG/YG Yes 6u"
B59(311-51)G8-09-2613-C12 Gigabit G8-09   YG/YG No 6u"
B59(311-52)G8-60-2623-C12 Gigabit G8-60   GY/GY Yes 6u"
B59(311-55)G8-60-2223-C12 Gigabit G8-60   G/Y Yes 6u"
B59(311-56)G8-60-2213-C12 Gigabit G8-60   G/Y No 6u"
B59(311-57)G8-09B-2223-C12 Gigabit G8-09B   G/Y Yes 6u"
B59(311-61)G8-28-2023-C12 Gigabit G8-28   None Yes 6u"
B59(311-69)G8-60-2613-C12 Gigabit G8-60   Y/GO No 6u"
B59(311-70)G8-28-2323-C12 Gigabit G8-28   G/G Yes 6u"
B59(311-90)G12-179-2223-C12 Gigabit G12-179   G/Y Yes 6u"
B59(311-91)G8-28H-2223-C12 Gigabit G8-28H   G/Y Yes 6u"
B59(311-92)G8-101C-2225-C12 Gigabit G8-101C   G/Y Yes 30u"
B59(311-93)G8-101C-2223-C12 Gigabit G8-101C   G/Y Yes 6u"
B59(311-94)G8-28-2225-C12 Gigabit G8-28   G/Y Yes 6u"
B59(311-95)G8-195-C-2223-C12 Gigabit G8-195-C   G/Y Yes 6u"
B59(311-96)G8-196-C-2223-C12 Gigabit G8-196-C   G/Y Yes 6u"
B59(311-97)G8-199-C-2223-C12 Gigabit G8-199-C   G/Y Yes 6u"
B59(311-98)G8-28B-2223-C12 Gigabit G8-28B   G/Y Yes 6u"
B59(312-02)G8-10A-2623-C12 Gigabit G8-10A   GY/GY Yes 6u"
B59(312-05)G8-56A-2223-C12 Gigabit G8-56A   G/Y Yes 6u"
B59(312-06)G8-56-2623-C12 Gigabit G8-56   GY/GY Yes 6u"
B59(312-10)G8-10-2223-C12 Gigabit G8-10   G/Y Yes 6u"
B59(312-12)G8-118-2322-C12 Gigabit G8-118   G/G Yes 6u"
B59(312-13)G8-56E-2626-C12 Gigabit G8-56E   GY/GY Yes 50u"
B59(312-17)G8-56-2623-C12 Gigabit G8-56   GY/GY Yes 6u"
B59(312-18)G8-10A-2323-C12 Gigabit G8-10A   G/G Yes 6u"
B59(312-19)G8-56E-2623-C12 Gigabit G8-56E   GY/YG Yes 6u"
B59(312-23)G8-60A-2613-C12 Gigabit G8-60A   G/O No 6u"
B59(312-27)G8-10D-2223-C12 Gigabit G8-10D   G/Y Yes 6u"
B59(312-28)G8-10D-2324-C12 Gigabit G8-10D   G/G Yes 15u"
B59(312-03)G8-56-2723-C12 Gigabit G8-56   GY/GY Yes 6u"
B59(312-20)G8-56A-2722-C12 Gigabit G8-56A   GR/GR Yes 6u"
B59(312-41)G8-56A-2723-C12 Gigabit G8-56A   G/G Yes 6u"
B59(318-03)GP8-19-2623-C12 Gigabit GP8-19 PoE GY/GY Yes 6u"
B59(318-05)GP8-109A-2623-C12 Gigabit GP8-109A PoE GY/GY Yes 6u"
B59(318-07)GP8-19A-2023-C12 Gigabit GP8-19A PoE None Yes 6u"
B59(318-08)GP8-19B-2623-C12 Gigabit GP8-19B PoE GY/GY Yes 6u"
B59(318-10)GP8-103B-2223-C12 Gigabit GP8-103B PoE G/Y Yes 6u"
B59(318-16)GP8-19A-2123-C12 Gigabit GP8-19A PoE Y/G Yes 6u"
B59(318-20)GP8-19B-2623-C12 Gigabit GP8-19B+ PoE GO/GO Yes 6u"
B59(318-61)GP8-19B-2023-C12 Gigabit GP8-19B+ PoE None Yes 6u"
B59(318-63)GP8-70-2023-C12 Gigabit GP8-70 PoE None Yes 6u"
B59(318-64)GP8-70-2023-C92 Gigabit GP8-70 PoE None Yes 6u"
B59(318-65)GP8-70B-2024-C92 Gigabit GP8-70B PoE None Yes 15u"
B59(318-67)GP8-203-2023-C12 Gigabit GP8-203 PoE None Yes 6u"
B59(318-70)GP8-109-2623-C12 Gigabit GP8-109 PoE+   Yes 6u"
B59(318-72)GP8-235-2623-C12 Gigabit GP8-235 PoE+   Yes 6u"
B59(318-73)GP8-19S-2623-C12 Gigabit GP8-19S PoE+   Yes 6u"


Electrical   Mechanical  
Current rating: 1 - 1.5A Insertion force: 2 contacts---350g
Voltage rating: 120 - 150V AC   4 contacts---500g
Insulation resistance: 500MΩ Min   6 contacts---750g
Withstand voltage: 1500V RMS 50Hz or 60Hz 1 Min   8 contacts---900g
Contact resistance: 20mΩ Max   10 contacts---1050g
    Retention strength: 7.7Kg between jack and plug
    Durability: 750 mating cycles min
Housing: 1) glass filled PA66(ul 94v-0)
  2) glass filled PA46/LCP(ul 94v-0)
  3) glass filled PBT(ul 94v-0)
Spring wire: 1) 0.45mm dia phosphor bronze gold plating over nickel
  2) 0.35mm thickness phosphor bronze alloy
  selective gold plating over nickel
Shielding: 0.2mm thickness copper alloy with tin plated
Gold plating: 3μ″,6μ″,15μ″,30μ″,50μ″
Working temperature: -20°C-70°C, -40°C-85°C    
Relative humidity: 70%±10% RH    

Electrical Specifications at 25°C

dB max
Return Loss dB min Crosstalk(dB TYP) Common Mode Rejection
(dB TYP)
1-100MHz 1-30MHz 30-60MHz 60-80MHz 1-30MHz 30-60MHz 60-80MHz 1-50MHz 50-150MHz
-1.0 -18 -16 -12 -40 -35 -30 -30 -20 1500

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