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Compare 1000Mbps Magnetic 2X4 RJ45 with RJ45 without Magnetic

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Application characteristic comparison :

  1. Focus on optimizing the RJ45 and network transformer's function ,with the original independent RJ45 with transformer unmatched features.
  2. Has concentrated RJ45 and the LED signal light's function, facilitates the consummation switchboard panel management. 
  3. Save the original transformer board installation space, reduced by nearly 1/4 motherboard manufacturing costs.
  4. Has saved original LED signal light board 1PCS (including 48PCS the LED lamp) and with the LED lamp related fitting (for example 2PCS-LED connection group of lines, 4PCS-LED group of lines connector and so on) the cost and the manufacturing cost, simplified has assembled the line and the space, cut the LED lamp's failure rate. 
  5. The big improvement, has saved the assembly technique cost, because the original component reduces, caused the switchboard entrapped bubbles circulation to be smoother, improved the radiation effect, thus enhanced switchboard's service life greatly. 
  6. Because the motherboard weld point reduces, thus reduced the high fault point occurrence greatly. 
  7. Enhanced switchboard's personal status and the scale, simultaneously also enhanced switchboard's market competitiveness.  
The two practical application cost formula (comparison) :
1PCS-2X4RJ45(general)+2PCS network transformer +1PCSLED lamp panel(With 48PCS-LED lights)+2PCS LED
wiring harness+4PCS Harness Connector+4PCS Light plate screws+Saves 1/4 network switchboard motherboard cost +Complex craft installment production cost = 1PCS Mbps 2X4 RJ45
That is more cost-effective, that is more convenient, the better, to see to understand.


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