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BroadTop RJ45 Connectors Production Naming Rule

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WB :Company code 

N :Product series:59-Double-decked RJ45+ Transformer series , 50-monolayer RJ45+ Transformer series ,52/53/55/56LED/56/57/59-ordinary RJ45 series,DX-show fasciole series,40-show conversion to connect series,80- show UK british series,93-HDMI Male ,94-HDMI Female ,95-SMT series,96-RHS switch series. 

Z:Same series number of the porduct (Serial number):1-99 

G:Croduct type:G- 1000Mbps RJ45 connector,GP- 1000Mbps RJ45 connector with POE function,F-100Mbps RJ45 connector,FP-100Mbps RJ45 connector with POE function,W- without magnetic RJ45 ,M- board to board series 

A:port numbers of product :1-2×1,2-2×2,4-2×4,5-2×5,6-2×6,8-2×8,A-1×1,B-1×2,C-1×4,D-1×5,E-1×6,F-1×8,U-(USB+RJ45),P-Tab UP(1in)1×1,H-Tab UP(1in)1×2,K-Tab UP(1in)1×4 

B:Product LED:0-None LED,1-Left yellow right green,2-Left green right yellow ,3-Double green ,4-double yellow ,,6-special 

C:Product shield:0-None shield,1-Have shield without shrapnel,2-Have shield with ordinary shrapnel,3-Half package of shield ,4-Have shield with TF5 shrapnel 

D:Product galvanization:gold-plating (nickel plating after gold-plated ):1-Fμ″,2-3μ″,3-6μ″,4-15μ″,5-30μ″,6-50 μ″;After the nickel plating, tin-plates :7-(Ni-50μ″,Sn-80-120μ″) 

E:Product fixed foot:F is proleg(The hard foot before modelling the foot ),B is Posterior crus ,C is without definition ,D is shiitake mushroom foot ,E is L foot,F is Ten character feet  

H:Product plastic material :1-PA66,2-PA46,3-PA,4-PA6,5-PBT,6-ABS,7-PA9T,8-PC 

I:Product LOGO:1-With UNE LOGO,2-Without UNE LOGO,3-Other company LOGO


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