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1x1 Gigabit RJ45 Integrated Connector Module W/LED

2017-08-25 11:14:44
1x1 Gigabit RJ45 Integrated Connector Module W/LED 1x1 Gigabit RJ45 Integrated Connector Module W/LED 1x1 Gigabit RJ45 Integrated Connector Module W/LED

Product Details:

Place of OriginGuangdong, China (Mainland)Part NumberB50S(28-07)G8-85-P223-B52

Detailed Product Description:

100/1000 Base-T single port (1x1) RJ45 integrated connector module (ICM), designed to support Network Interface Cards (NIC), LAN-on-Motherboard (LOM), and PC applications. Availabe in TAB-UP configuration and with or without LEDs.

Features and Benefits:

  1. Compliant with IEEE 802.3 standard
  2. 350µH minimum OCL with 8mA bias current
  3. Suitable for CAT 5 and 6 Fast Ethernet cable or better UTP
  4. High performance for maximum EMI suppression
  5. RoHS peak wave solder temperature rating 260°C


Electrical   Mechanical  
Current rating: 1 - 1.5A Insertion force: 2 contacts---350g
Voltage rating: 120 - 150V AC   4 contacts---500g
Insulation resistance: 500MΩ Min   6 contacts---750g
Withstand voltage: AC 1500Vrms 50Hz or 60Hz 1 Min   8 contacts---900g
Contact resistance: 20mΩ Max   10 contacts---1050g
    Retention strength: 7.7Kg between jack and plug
    Durability: 750 mating cycles mini
Housing: 1) glass filled PA66(ul 94v-0)
  2) glass filled PA46(ul 94v-0)
  3) glass filled PBT(ul 94v-0)
Spring wire: 1) 0.45mm dia phosphor bronze gold plating over nickel
  2) 0.35mm thickness phosphor bronze alloy
  selective gold plating over nickel
Shielding: 0.2mm thickness copper alloy with tin plated
Gold plating: 3μ″,6μ″,15μ″,30μ″,50μ″
Working temperature: -20℃-70℃, -40℃-85℃    
Relative humidity: 70%±10% RH    

Electrical Specifications at 25℃

dB max
Return Loss dB min Crosstalk(dB TYP) Common Mode Rejection
(dB TYP)
1-100MHz 1-30MHz 30-60MHz 60-80MHz 1-30MHz 30-60MHz 60-80MHz 1-50MHz 50-150MHz
-1.0 -18 -16 -12 -40 -35 -30 -30 -20 1500

download 20170825111413587.pdf


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